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Currently Underway at The Preservation Studio - Holy Trinity Church, Trinidad - Exterior Rehabilitation 

Congratulations to Holy Trinity Church for receiving their 6th grant from History Colorado, The State Historical Fund for preservation activities at their 1885 historic home. This gorgeous downtown landmark was constructed of locally quarried sandstone with elements of the Georgian and Romanesque architectural styles. It has served as a spiritual hub for the community and borne witness to major historical events, including the funeral masses for victims of the Ludlow Massacre in 1914. 

Over the past ten years, Holy Trinity has worked tirelessly to preserve their building despite the ravages of time, an earthquake in 2015 and major hail damage in 2017. To date they have completed a Historic Structure Assessment, Structural/Foundation Stabilization, Roof and Cornice Rehabilitation, two Planning Grants for Construction Documents and two phases of Exterior Masonry Rehabilitation. Many thanks to the State Historical Fund for their ongoing support of this critical project. 

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